Lake Austin Realty

Lake Austin real estate is the most desirable real estate in all of Austin, Texas because it offers the homeowners a chance to live near this picturesque lake. In addition, there are a number of recreational facilities including amusement centers and in neighboring restaurants. Water activities around this area include boating, fishing and swimming. This 22 mile stretch of lake truly offers the finest residential real estate in Austin, Texas.

The residential communities built on the multi-acre land allow buyers to choose unique town-homes that offer a spectacular view of the Highland Lakes. There is also the option of the sizeable prime waterfront houses where the residents get to enjoy the lake winds. The water levels are at always at optimal levels, and the homes are in proximity to social amenities. Many restaurants offer boat rides to their impressive premises.

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Lake Austin Real Estate

Located on the western side of Lake Austin, Lake Austin Real Estate presents the finest real estate in the wooded shores of Lake Austin.

The lake is long and narrow, easily confused with a long-winding river. It stretches for 21 miles from Lake Travis. The two lakes separate at the Mansfield Dam. Lake Austin has a consistently cool water temperature, a factor caused by the fact that the Mansfield Dam empties water from Lake Travis to Lake Austin. This makes the lakes water favorable for the summer season. The lakes narrow shape makes it popular for water sports, and it is, in fact, common to see water skaters having a good time throughout the seasons.

History of Lake Austin

Built on 1890-1893, Lake Austin, formerly known as Lake McDonald, is the largest man-made water reservoir built in Texas. You can find it on River Colorado on the western side of Austin. It was initially being created the Austin Dam, but as time went by large amounts of soil sediments started to accumulate in the dam and since there were no major obstructions, the sediments increased gradually. The pressure was too much that it caused the dam to slide. This was further facilitated by the heavy rains that happened in 1900 causing significant flooding of the dam. In 1915, the city tried to have the dam reconstructed but unfortunately, there emerged a quarrel between the contractor and the city leading to a major halt to the construction. Heavy rains destroyed the dam and the halted reconstruction later in the year. In 1938, years after the dam was destroyed, the Lower River Colorado Authority was given the contract to rebuild the dam a fresh. They completed the project in 1939 resulting from 1,590 foot Tom Miller Dam.

With a 21, 000 acre-feet reservoir, Lake Austin is among the six projects managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority. The lake proudly holds an 1830 acres surface area and an uncontrolled spillway elevation of 492.8 feet above the sea level. This is referred to the electrical generation and turbine discharge from upstream of Mansfield Dam. Tom Miller dam has two 6,750 kilowatts generators. As you can see Lake Austin is full of rich history and scenic beauty.

More information on Lake Austin

Lake Austin, which is a section of the Colorado River, is a reservoir in Austin, Texas. The water level of the lake remains constant since water from Lake Travis is released into the reservoir. The 22-mile lake is located west of the city and winds by waterfront homes on beautiful, wooded properties. People who live on the lake which is part of the Highland Lakes, enjoy activities including boating, kayaking, and swimming in the clear water. Wakeboarding and fishing are popular with many weekend and year-round residents.

Lake Austin is the locale of a number of sub-divisions and elegant, waterfront estates. Although some of the sub-divisions are secluded, many new developments are on the water. One of the many features that homeowners love about Lake Austin is that the entire lake is within the city limits, making shopping, dining, and entertainment easily accessible.

The Island at Mount Bonnell Shores features some of the most spectacular estates on the waterfront. The homes on the manmade island sit on a waterway that separates it from the mainland. The homes in a community that’s gated is just minutes away from Downtown Austin. Among the amenities are outdoor living areas, terraces on the water, plunge pools, boat houses, and meticulous landscaping. With Lake Austin right outside your door, you can enjoy paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, and hiking the paths around the lake.

Watersedge on Lake Austin is a beautiful waterfront community on the lake that’s just a few minutes from the downtown area. Watersedge is the ideal neighborhood for those who love the lifestyle of living on the water in a secluded setting. One of the attractions is nearby Mount Bonnell Park. The park is one of the best spots to view the sunset and Lake Austin, with trails at the summit for hiking. The marina at Lake Austin is close to Watersedge for boating enthusiasts.

Orleans Harbor is the community for homeowners who want to be out on their boat every chance they get. The townhomes are right on the water so you can enjoy views of Lake Austin from your living room. The community is ideal for families with children, professionals, or anyone who loves activities on the water. The harbor is protected, but yu can be on the lake in minutes. The homes feature contemporary design and open floor plans. Outdoor kitchens and patios that are covered are ideal for entertaining on weekends.

Austin is the place for outdoor activities all year long. The Trail for biking and hiking extends for 10 miles around Lady Bird Lake. A lot of residents take advantage of the jogging paths and enjoy walking their dogs along the shaded trails. Austin has close to 200 miles of paths for hiking, cycling, or just enjoying the outdoors. With more than 200 parks in the area, Lake Austin is the perfect location for the active lifestyle.

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